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Clarivate Analytics
Select a database
Example: oil spill* mediterranean
Example: water consum*
Example: O'Brian C* OR OBrian C*
Example: DAIS-NG Example...
Example: A-1397-2010 OR 0000-0001-5297-9108
Example: CERN
Example: Smith JC OR Smith J*
Example: Cancer* OR Molecular Cancer
Example: 10.1186/1476-4598-12-41
Example: 2001 or 1997-1999
Example: Yale Univ SAME hosp
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Example: Johns Hopkins University
Finds papers from organizations with identified name variants.
Example: IEEE AND Chicago AND 2001
Example: National Center
Example: 59-1950-7-735
Example: A1991FV12500042
Example: 24457052
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